Download Bob Jencks – Redorkulous for free

First off, don’t forget to push play either in the upper left corner there or on the video.  I could have autoplayed it, but that drives me crazy, and I respect you too much.

Ok.  Here’s the story.

My name is Bob and I’m a builder.  Not to be confused with “Bob The Builder.”

Whereas I’ve been building things and playing music most of my life, he is a cartoon that doesn’t actually exist.  So, while he has the name recognition, I get to be an actual human being living, loving, working, playing, laughing, crying, and general human-y stuff.

Then I get to write about it, set it to music, share it with you fine folks, and move on to new experiences – which I will then rhyme up, put to new music, put it out there and do it again.

Write, Record, Release, Repeat.  That’s my new motto.  Just made it up. Consider it trademarked.

Several years ago, before computers turned everyone’s bedroom into a recording space, I was fortunate enough to build a few professional music studios.  Complete with sound isolation, absorption, diffusion, and all the cool stuff that makes a studio a studio – not just a room with a microphone.

Well, now we do have the aforementioned computers, so the perceived need for professional music studios has dwindled.  No doubt, this is not news to anyone. So, the studios that do exist get to charge… kind of a lot.  For the record, I don’t begrudge them – a studio is a huge investment and deserves to be recouped. Plus they are typically equipped with really great gear, so you’re paying for that, too.

Anyway, I had some songs and I had a dream (gag!). What I didn’t have was a lot of money.  No money, really.

But I did have materials and some skillz (yep.  skillz).

So, I built a studio in my spare bedroom.  Complete with custom high end acoustic treatments.  I knew what I was doing and enjoyed the process.   I was very proud.

Then I went out and bought literally the cheapest Mac Mini and R0de Mic I could find.  I could have tracked maybe one song at a full time facility for the entire cost of that studio’s recording equipment.

I was psyched.  Time to record!  I picked 5 songs and laid out some scratch tracks.  Shared them with the friends that would play on the album.  We began recording and I was pleased at how things were moving along.

Then, without warning, disaster struck.

My construction company took off.  We began building larger commercial projects. Residential new builds.  Tenant finishes.  We were turning out high quality work and there was no end in sight.  The phone wouldn’t stop ringing. It was great.

As I say – it was a disaster.  To the music, anyway.  I began playing less and less shows. Working more and more.  My lonely R0de microphone’s dust cover collecting dust.  Poor little Mac Mini just huddled in the corner, bored out of it’s poorly constructed shell.  For about two years I only picked up my guitar for weddings and funerals.

Flash forward to a few years later – or as most of us call it – now.  I am finishing up building a new house for myself and my lovely wife.  It’s kind of a dream home complete with a new music studio!

Multiple isolation rooms, amp room, Even building a plate reverb.  On completion, I suspect it will be one of the best sounding recording spaces in 25 miles.  Sorry Coupe, Doghouse, COSound, Wind Over the Earth, UI, Skytrail, and former Immersive.  But don’t worry, this studio isn’t a for rent type space – so no competition here.  We can still be friends.

So, what’s the worst thing you could do to a studio?  Aside from fire or flood, I’m pretty sure it would be never share a single sound recorded in it.  To have a space just sit there, acoustically treated for no one.  A quiet room in a quiet house on a quiet block.

This was the fate of that original spare bedroom studio.

Well, I decided to not let that happen. So, I pulled those early tracks off the shelf.  I shook out the dust cover, fired up the lil’ mac, gargled some salt water, and finished the thing.

It took almost 6 months to find the time to track the rest of the parts. I enlisted friends, sometimes against their will.   But here we are.  Done.  I can finally release something and move on.  My bedroom studio’s life was not in vain.

Perhaps my bedroom and I have some things in common.

I’m proud to present “Redorkulous”   It’s meant to be enjoyed from beginning to end ala album rock.  But do with it what you like.  I’m not charging anything for it.  I just want it to get in front of everyone that would enjoy it.  Is that too much to ask?

Thanks for hearing me out.  Love You Long Time.


p.s. If you think someone would enjoy this music, please help me out and share it with them. Gracias.