Bob Jencks was born in Boulder, Colorado into a house full of music.  He has been writing and playing for most of his life, although with relatively little recorded music to show for it. An entrepreneur of sorts, he’s owned his own businesses for better or worse most of his working life.  Creating art is most certainly his passion.  From masonry walls, to wooden guitar picks, music, and prose. He is fairly tall and wears glasses.

Bob plays 6-string acoustic guitar mostly – although he loves bass, banjo, mando, keys, singing, percussion, and recently he has been venturing into the world of electric guitar.

Bob plays Martin guitars for several reasons, among which are: he loves them and his great-great-great grandfather is (er… was) C.F. Martin himself.  Just a little tidbit of trivia for y’all.

His top 5 albums are in no particular order: Abbey Road, The Soft Parade, Europe ’72, Pineross, and maybe that Moldy Peaches album.  Oh and Tenacious D.  It’s hard not to mention Sgt. Pepper’s, though. That Phish Halloween show was great.  And Keller! Can’t forget about KW…

Bob is not good at lists, or counting.

Andy Smith plays the violin on Redorkulous.  He began the Suzuki Method at an irresponsibly young age.  He is really, really good and his talents are probably being under-utilized in the music making world.

He’s from Ohio, I think.  He and Bob have been good friends for a long time. So naturally, being dudes, Bob knows almost nothing about him.

Tim Welch plays lead guitar.  He is the best guitar player Bob has ever met in person. Someday his powers will be harnessed into something far better than Redorkulous.  In the meantime, Tim is a skilled craftsman working with Bob’s construction company.  He’s from Kansas and couldn’t be happier about never having to go back. He played guitar with some pretty heavy rockers in the 70’s and 80’s but had to leave that lifestyle behind.  He has eaten nothing but PB&Js for lunch for the last 8 years.  Not kidding.  Also, still really good at guitar.  Can’t wait to show you more!  Tim would most assuredly not approve of this bio.  But Tim is completely useless at computers so there is practically zero chance he will ever see this.

Scott Zamarut played percussion on Redorkulous.  He’s got a band that plays around the Front Range area called The CBD’s.  They’re fun, and totally worth checking out.  I don’t know too much about Scott so I’ll just make some stuff up:

Scott came from a tiny town in Virginia called Pancake.  He has 14 brothers and 1 sister.  He is number 11.  He was in a traveling family band ala “Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution.” Scott was first chair woodblock. He once beat Super Mario Bros (yes, the original) without ever dying.  He is credited for inventing the little plastic things in new tamper resistant electrical outlets that make is super-impossible to plug anything in. So, naturally,  pretty much everyone hated him.  But, he found a way to drink beer without getting hangovers, so we all totally forgave him.  There is a statue of him in the town square of Pancake, Virginia. Scott, if you’d like a real bio, just make it better than this.  Not a tough bar to get over.

If you’ve read your way through this and you’d like even MORE info about Bob and his friends making music, please shoot him an email at bobatbobjencksdotcom





I am aware that this jumps from 1st to 3rd person a lot. I believe we also touch on some 2nd person in there, too. Of course, One would find it hard to avoid 4th person in this situation. There is no such thing as 5th person. Stop reading this.  It is going nowhere.  It didn’t even get tagged as post script.  It’s really more of an aside at the bottom.  It’s an abottom.  I warned you.