Some gentle activity

We’re ramping up for a new album

As Bob finishes up his next album, due end of summer, we’re starting to go through some of the motions to make it a “successful” release.

What is our definition of a successful release?

It is simply getting the album in front of people that enjoy the music. Not such an easy task – even with the world wide web at our disposal! Sales, charts, and press are all fine and good – but not the definition we choose to use. We just want to hear from people that this music is making a positive impression on their lives.

How we plan on doing it:

  1. Increased content creation – we’re looking to put out a series of youtube videos of Bob playing some of his favorite cover songs. None of these videos will be monetized. They are simply there for your enjoyment. We are also adding videos of some of Bob’s favorite artwork backed by the music.
  2. Social Media- Using a very small budget, we intend on running ads targeted at the folks that enjoy Bob’s style of music. If they come see a cover, they just may watch another. Perhaps after that, they do a little perusing through the website and decide to join the Email List.
  3. Email List – Once established, we’ll email those that have signed up when we have something of note to talk about. New albums, art work, showcases, press, etc. We aren’t going to flood anyone. We hate that ourselves. Short. Sweet. Infrequent.

So there you go. That’s the plan. Simple, yet potentially effective.

Want to help?

Here’s what you can do:

-Join the email list. It’s over there to the right on a PC and down below on a mobile device.

-Follow Bob on your favorite social media outlet. Click those buttons below the newsletter.

-Share the love. I mean music. Share the music!

Thanks everyone! Love you long time!