About Bob

Bob Jencks is a musician and a maker. Carpenter and creator.

He’ll build anything from the very tall to the very small.  He has mud on his boots. He loves his mama, adores his kids, and cherishes his wife. He loves to learn and he lives to teach. He is patient and kind. Bob deals in solutions.

When he’s not writing and recording music, he can be found in the workshop measuring twice and cutting once.  Welding, carving, clamping, and curing.  Making sparks and making dust – but never at the same time.  Whether shaping metal or sanding wood, the end goal is to it a little bit better than the time before.  He enjoys making fancy acoustic absorbers & diffusors, sculptures, doors & mirrors, creative stairs & railings, or whatever else jumps into his head.

Bob is a 4th generation musician.  His father plays banjo.  Grandpa was the mandolin.  Great-Grandad was a fiddler.  Bob’s Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was C.F. Martin (yep, that one). All of these men were also fine craftsmen. They all stood beside great women.

The music falls somewhere between Tom Waits and John Prine.  Tom Petty an John Hartford. The Beatles and the Boston Philharmonic.  Typically positive songs that are clever, honest, and sweet.  Alt-Folk. His main instrument is a 6 string guitar, although he is no stranger to most stringed instruments.  He has a small group of guys that will occasionally join him in the studio and on the stage, but for the most part he does it all himself.  An independent artist.

Bob spent his early childhood in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  After spending two decades away, he returned to the land he loved.  Today he resides in Lafayette, CO. He shares the home he built with with his family, his dog, and two cats. He works hard and enjoys the rewards.