Beans & Rice

Back in 2009, a group of folks in Boulder put together a music video for fun.  It was filmed in 3 days.  We worked our way backwards and filmed each scene with a haircut in between – about 36 of them.

Morgan Harris and Andrew Brislin were the AV team.  Morgan recorded the song and brought many of the voices you hear into the studio to record.  He also enlisted Jubal – a great talent that shook off the mortal coil sooner than some of us would have liked.  I was proud that he performed for this video.

Andrew shot and edited the video like a boss.  Thanks Andrew.

This remains on of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on and I am as grateful for everyones help today as I was the day we unveiled it.  That was community coming together to make something cool.  Go community!

Please enjoy.